Easter Contest

Many children and families have fond memories of an Easter Egg hunt. Whether it was in Grandma’s backyard, the community park, or indoors on a rainy day, Easter Egg hunts are often as much fun for parents and grandparents as they are for children. To celebrate this Easter family tradition, Something About Silver is putting on our very own Online Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Egg Hunt

By finding a hidden egg on our Facebook page, this year you have the chance to win something more than candy and quarters. One lucky winner will win a $75 gift card from Something About Silver by finding a hidden egg online!

Here’s the rules…

Starting on March 21st, three sets of photo albums will be released onto our Facebook Page at different times. Each album will have 10 photos with 2 Easter eggs hidden in the photos. When you find an egg, tag yourself in that photo and you’ll be entered into the prize drawing! Make sure not to like or comment on the photo, in order to keep the egg locations a secret 😉

Three photo albums, hiding 2 Easter eggs each, gives you 6 eggs to find and 6 chances to enter the contest! Photo albums will be released on March 21st, March 25th, and March 28th. The contest will stay open until Easter day: March 31st. Here’s an example of what to do when you find an egg:

How to Tag Images

Ready to hunt? Our first official set of hidden eggs comes out today: March 21st. If you haven’t yet, Like our Facebook Page and be ready to go!





All entries will be submitted by Facebook. Facebook, Inc. is in no way affiliated with this contest. Entries can only be made by Fans or those who Like the Something About Silver Facebook page. Participants can enter up to six times by tagging each of the six eligible photos. All entries must be made by 11:59pm PST, March 31st.

The winner will be chosen at random and receive a $75 gift card (USD) to be used for 1 transaction only; any balance on the gc after 1 transaction will be forfeited so we suggest you spend the entire $75 ☺.


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