End of Summer Getaway!

Living in Florida near the white sandy beaches and year round good weather, it is sometimes hard to find a better vacation spot.  But sometimes we still need to get out of town.  So the week before school started we headed to Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas  for a short getaway.  All the commercials for Atlantis were tugging at us and I couldn’t wait to spend an entire day floating around the “lazy river” ride.

Well, we of course had a great time, but it seems the lazy raft rides are really not so lazy.  They are full of currents and waves that keep you hanging on and spinning in circles for miles.

We got to test out our new underwater camera and it proved to be lots of fun!

In between riding the raft rides, oh about 30 times in a row, we got a little down time in to relax by the pool and drink fruity drinks!

On one of the days we ventured into downtown Nassau to do some shopping.  We of course found the Straw Market, which is full of Caribbean looking novelties, but are actually mass produced imports from China.   I always look for local art when traveling and was so happy to find an actual Bahamian sitting on the sidewalk painting pictures from post cards.  Such a welcome change from all the mass produced items.  So we purchased several of his masterpieces and he was even kind enough to sign each piece for us and pose for a picture.

Finding this artist painting pictures and getting to bring some home was truly one of the highlights of the trip!

So now we are back and working hard on lots of new fun pieces!!  We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!!  Coming soon!



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