Fall Jewelry Wardrobe

The season of neutrals, boots, turtlenecks, and layers and layers of clothing is upon us. Think you need a whole new fall jewelry wardrobe to go with this season’s clothing? Think again! With a few minor tweaks your favorite summer pieces can carry you into fall and beyond!

If you spent your summer wearing oversized, vividly colored pieces of jewelry, you don’t need to pack them away just because the days are getting shorter and your clothes are getting bulker! In fact, an outfit composed of neutrals can be taken to the next level with a pop of color. The trick to pulling off “”loud” jewelry in fall is to choose only one bright, bold piece for the day. It will give you a hint of color (and a reminder of warmer days) without looking out of place.

Perhaps you enjoyed wearing your sterling silver pendant on a short chain this lower cut tops for the summer, and you don’t think they will work with the higher necklines of your fall tops. This could definitely be the case, but that doesn’t mean the pendant can’t be put on a different chain! Try putting your favorite pendants on longer chains for the fall so they lay just right on the season’s higher necklines. A 20 to 24 inch chain will usually do the trick.

The bottom line is if you love wearing a piece of jewelry but aren’t sure that it is fall-appropriate, think about wearing it another way before putting it out of sight until next summer!



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