Have You Heard of the Mitten Tree?

Something About Silver Tree of Love Necklace Gold?Every December 6th is Mitten Tree Day, but just because Mitten Tree Day has pasted doesn’t mean you can’t still participate! Will you be finding or starting a Mitten Tree to contribute to this holiday seasonem>

Mitten Trees pop up during the holiday season, oftentimes in classrooms, community centers, and office buildings. These holiday trees invite all who walk by to hang a new pair of mitten or gloves on the tree. These essential winter accessories are then donated to the men, women, and children who are in need of warm clothing throughout the holiday season.

If you know where a Mitten Tree has already been set up, consider dropping off a pair or two of gloves over the next couple of days. Or, if you haven’t seen many Mitten Trees in your area, consider setting one up at your school, office, gym, or wherever! Really, it doesn’t even have to be a Mitten Tree – you could make it a scarf, hat, coat, present, gift card, food, donation hodgepodge tree! Oh, and if you have little ones in your life, consider reading The Mitten to them to inspire to give back as well.

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