“Show Them Your Love” Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

Something About Silver, your hand stamped jewelry artisans, is excited to throw a contest in honor of love & Valentine’s Day! Wow, it’s just around the corner already!?

child photo contest valentine day

We believe children are the world’s greatest inspiration for love; always showing their love so purely and sweetly. We decided to have this contest so everyone can have a special reminder around one of the greatest days for loving others AND to win some cash & free jewelry. Join now and don’t miss out!

**Contest details and disclaimers are listed below

Here’s the gist…

We are asking you to email us a photo of your child/grandchild showing someone their love. It could be a snapshot of them holding hands, kissing a cheek, sharing a hug or even serving the marginalized in a distant country. An intimate panel of judges will select the best 10 photos (WOW this will be so tough) to be placed into a poll which will be placed within this blog for collecting votes. The one who collects the most votes will win!

The winner will receive…

  • $250 cash sent overnight
  • $75 gift certificate redeemable on our website
  • The winning photo showcased on our Website and Facebook page


How to enter

“Like” our Facebook fan page

We will be using this to post some of the photos we are receiving and provide updates.


Subscribe to our contest newsletter

Provide your email to receive very important, contest-specific, updates! If you are currently enrolled in our main newsletter you must also subscribe to this “contest-specific” in order to be a qualified participant.

Send Image

Send that beautiful, moment-capturing photo to contest@somethingaboutsilver.com by 8am on February 2nd, 2013.

  • The child in the photo must be 10 years old or younger (the photo can be from when your child was young).
  • Every photo must be of your child/grandchild only, digital, good quality & in jpg/gif/png/bmp format.
  • You must include a 3-sentence description of the photo, as well as your name, city/state, and best email where you can be reached.

“What’s next” you ask?

At 5pm (EST) on Monday February 4th we will send all participants an email with a link to the poll where the 10 selected finalists can be viewed. All finalists will have 7 days to collect as many votes as they possibly can!

We will close the polls on Monday February 11th @ 5pm (EST) and no more votes will be added. The winner will be announced the very next day on February 12th and Something About Silver will overnight a Money Order to them before Valentine’s Day!

All entries must be submitted by email. Participants agree to receive emails from Something About Silver concerning the Show Them Your Love Valentine’s Day Photo Contest. Participants may only submit photos of their own child(ren) or Grandchild(ren). All participants give expressed permission to Something About Silver, and it’s affiliates, to use the photo for promotional purposes. All participants must follow the above guidelines to be qualified for contest entry (steps 1 – 3).

The winner will receive a $75 gift card (USD) to be used for 1 transaction only; any balance on the gc after 1 transaction will be forfeited so we suggest you spend the entire $75 ☺. The $250 Money Order will be sent to 1 winner based on who has the most votes at the time the polls are closed. In case of a tie, the prizes will be divided equally and both winners will he showcased on our website and Facebook page. The Money Order will only be sent overnight to participants living within the United States. The location and how the winner(s) will be showcased on our website will be chosen by Something About Silver.


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