Something About Silver Hand Stamped “Room For Two” Open Heart Necklace

Something About Silver Room for Two Open Heart Necklace

Thanks to the popularity of the original Something About Silver Open Heart Necklace, there is now Room for Two! The Room for Two Open Heart Necklace has space for two names to be featured on its sterling silver disc, allowing two special people to always be close to your heart. The ¾” sterling silver disc that is hand stamped with the two names of your choice also features an open heart charm and up to two genuine Swarovski crystal bezel set birthstones.

This necklace would certainly be the perfect gift for a mom or grandma with two little ones in her life. However, this necklace would also make a great best friends necklace. Have two special pets? Yep, we can put their names on the necklace too! Or how about having your name right next to your husbands? And, of course, you can substitute words for names. So if you want to have your two favorite inspirational words close to your heart, the Room for Two necklace would be wonderful for that too.

So have fun and get creative when coming up with the names/words to add to your Room for Two Open Heart Necklace! Happy Shopping!

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